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About UsDr. Bryan Howland's unique educational academic's, while attending Logan Chiropractic College as well as continuing education separates him and his approach to care from his competitors in the area. Dr. Howland has received multiple honors and unique training in acupuncture, nutrition, and chiropractic care throughout the US ranging locally from St. Louis to Hawaii since graduating. Dr. Howland volunteers locally and has been a member of The Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Y-Pike (Youth Chamber) since moving to the area. Bryan T Howland, DC. Complete Chiropractic Acupuncture and Family Wellness LLC. (217)285-1915.

Complete Chiropractic's goal is to help the patient reach their desired health goal whether it is pain management, weight loss, sports rehabilitation, or reaching the highest possible health physical/mental/chemical makeup a person's genetic DNA allows. Dr. Bryan Howland, a 2013 graduate and Valedictorian from Logan College of Chiropractic, is associated with cutting edge forms of healthcare treatments for musculoskeletal injuries (neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and many more conditions), nutritional analysis (food sensitivities/intolerances), vitamin/mineral deficiencies, metal toxicities, and hormone adrenal testing that is changing the way people eat, move, and feel.

While at Logan College of Chiropractic Dr. Howland received honors as Who's Who Among College Students, Dean's list all 10 consecutive trimesters, Magna Cum Laude, and August 2013 Valedictorian. He also received Certifications in acupuncture and became nationally certified in Part I, II, III, IV, and physical therapy. Since graduating, Dr. Howland has received licensure in the State of Illinois. He has been recognized by his malpractice insurance for making solid business decisions that involve managing healthcare claims, effective risk management efforts through enhanced patient communication, and continuing development of his clinical expertise through continuing education.

Jenny Davidson, B.C.T.M.B., L.M.T. is a Board Certified Massage Therapist. This achievement represents the highest level of commitment to patient care as it is the highest attainable credential within the massage therapy and bodywork profession. Jenny earned her Board Certification in 2019 and has more than 1000 hours of education and experience as a massage therapist. Jenny is qualified in a variety of massage techniques. As always Jenny specializes in clinical anatomy and movement of the human body associated with massage therapy. Doctor Howland and the team at Complete Chiropractic are excited that she is bringing her knowledge, professionalism, and experience back to our area. Her strong desire to help others lead her into the career of massage therapy.

If you are tired of living in pain, feeling fatigued, and are wanting to make a change, then contact the clinic of Complete Chiropractic Acupuncture and Family Wellness.