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Nutritional Analysis

Blood work and hormone analysis data can be used to change the way people eat, move, and feel. Every person thinks different, looks different, feels different, and the list goes on and on. This is the same concept when it comes to what people can digest. Even identical twins process food differently. Lucretius a Roman philosopher stated, “What is food to one man may be bitter poison to others”. Although extreme, Lucretius was not far off. Now more than ever, diet plays a critical role in preventing a wide range of degenerative disease and premature aging. The immune system is a double-edged sword. It should react appropriately and protect against infection when confronted with harmful invaders or “infectious agents” like viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately for some, exposure to common foods, chemicals, molds and herbs, may trigger unremitting activation of the immune system and chronic inflammation.Inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system are linked to:

-Digestive Disorders
(IBD,IBS, Acid Reflux, Etc.)
- Migraines -Obesity -Chronic Fatigue
-Aching Joints -Skin Disorders -Autoimmune Disease -Urinary Disorders
-And many more……..